Shaq bitch slaps Miami’s Chris Bosh

Shaq seems to be warming up for his new gig as an analyst at TNT with some trash-talking aimed towards Miami Heat player Chris Bosh and this isn’t the first time he’s slammed Bosh.

In his debut for TNT this week, Shaq said, “The Miami Heat, they’ve got a lot of great players, the ‘Big Two.’ They will be back.”

Big Two?

Looks like Big Daddy is placing Bosh outside the talent circle after the Heat lost the NBA Championship to the Dallas Mavericks and this isn’t the first in-your-face slam dunk Shaq has taken against Bosh off the court.

Back in 2009, Bosh commented to the media how the refs were ignoring calling Shaq for three-second violations which was giving an unfair advantage to O’Neal.

Shaq replied by saying:

“I heard what Chris Bosh said, and that’s strong words coming from the RuPaul of big men. I’m going to do the same thing [in our next game] I did before – make him quit.”

Double bitch slap with a backhander thrown in for good measure!

One for saying he could make Bosh quit back in ’09, two for calling the Heat the Big Two and the killer comparing him to a cross-dressing entertainer.

So how do some of the others measure up with Shaq’s most recent comments?

Skip Bayless on ESPN’s 1st and 10 nicknamed Bosh “Bosh Spice” after the player went 1-of-18 in a game against the Bulls but on Wednesday on his show said Shaq’s comment: “Was out of bounds”

But that’s the same Skip Clueless who also said the Heat were “clearly the Big Two” in an earlier playoff series so he seems to be flip-flopping like he’s ready to make a bid for a local Congressional seat.

With all the media attention on the Heat throughout the season after LeBron and company predicted “Not one, not two, not three….” NBA Championships, we have to expect some trash talking thrown in their direction but to come from Shaq who has barely clipped on his mic came as a surprise.

But as always…like E. F. Hutton…when Shaq talks, people listen.

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