Four batters struck out in one inning?!

Well if you’re an MLB fan who loves pitching duals and low scoring games, the Tigers vs. Red Sox Game 1 of the ALSC left a wet spot in your panties yesterday.

The matchup ended with a 1-0 win for the Tigers but the night under the Beantown stars also featured a bizarre feat that hasn’t occurred since 1908.

Detroit Tigers starter Anibel Sanchez was a stud on the mound, hurling six innings on no-hit ball while fanning 12 Red Sox in front of a frantic sold out crowd gathered at The Green Monster.

The game started on a bizarre note when Sanchez struck out the side in the 1st inning but added some historic icing to the cake.

After fanning Boston’s leadoff hitter Jacoby Ellbury, Sanchez followed by striking out Shane Victorino who swung at a WILD PITCH that rolled to the fence. Victorino bolted safely to 1st base.

Yeah, there may have been a player on base but that play is scored a strikeout.

After striking out the next two batters to get three outs to end the inning, Sanchez finished with four Ks for the inning, marking the first time that’s been accomplished in a playoff game since 1908…when William Taft was President of the United States… since vehicles like the one shown here were our great-grandfather’s high end means of transportation.

Get it?

It’s been a long frickin’ time but that’s what makes baseball America’s game….well sort of…the NFL has taken that title over but that’s a topic for another column..

BTW, this game was the first time Boston has been shut out in a playoff game since 1918, almost one century ago…since Woodrow Wilson was Prez…okay, we’ll cut the “who was the Prez bullshit” since this is not a history site but with all the kids heads buried in their iPads and cellphones half the day, we try to educate here on rare occasion when we get a chance.

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