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Rise of the Quarterbacks

Remember the good old days when a team needed a bruising defense to win an NFL championship, those days are long gone.

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Christmas in October

This is the holiday season, a time to remember the good, including some special people who made my day recently.

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Angels’ payroll after inking Pujols

Between Pujols and Wilson, team owner Arte Moreno shelled out over $331 million, nearly double what he paid to buy the team ($183.5 million) in 2003.

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Penn State burned for picking their noses

Those involved at Penn State spent several years sitting around picking their nose instead of reporting vile predator Sandusky to the authorities.

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Canseco vs. Dykstra celebrity boxing

If anything, Canseco and Dykstra are great examples to show your kids what not to do. Don’t do drugs. Don’t commit crimes. Don’t do people wrong. If you do, you’ll end up fighting in “events” such as this.

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Forget Occupy Wall Street; Occupy ESPN GameDay

“If only sports fans could launch a similar campaign against a huge conglomerate that has taken over the sports world – ESPN.”

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Cardinals fans get “double thumbs up”

I’m never too shy to use my column to focus on the negatives and rips those that deserve it but today, I’m here to focus on the good in sports.

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2011 MLB playoff predictions

Judging by MLB’s epic conclusion to the regular season, the playoffs could just as well be a doozy.

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“Moneyball” is well worth your money

For those of you who don’t know the storyline, “Moneyball” chronicles the trials and tribulations of the A’s, a team with payroll constraints struggling to compete with the mega-payrolls of the Yankees and Red Sox

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Cowboys Holley’s $72 million early celebration

Dallas Cowboys’ Holley’s early celebration against 49ers in Week 2 cost gamblers $72 million.

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