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Cubs new mascot looks little league

cubs masot

Here’s a pic of new Chicago Cubs mascot. His name is ‘Clark’ and he kinda has the little league look and feel to him…ya know…like the Cubs.

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Black Monday 2013 – the Axe Swung Heavy

black monday nfl

Black Monday 2013. Family members of Lions fans can return all sharp objects back into their households, coach Jim Schwartz was fired.

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Patrick Roy goes postal; again


Patrick Roy is a clear-cut nut job, to the point they need to make a straitjacket with the Avs logo on it and put it on him before he’s allowed anywhere near the ice.

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Reality TV show featuring GLOW wrestler ‘Hollywood’

Wrestling Hollywood is a reality TV concept in development and will star professional wrestler Jeanne Basone and a stable of her protégé wrestlers.

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Best 2013 Super Bowl ads

Speed Stick Super Bowl Commercial

This year’s Super Bowl again entertained audiences around the world with some outrageous commercial spots. We choose our top three spots.

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Flacco throws an F-bomb on live TV (VIDEO)

Flacco f bomb

Ecstatic about the win, Flacco, the Super Bowl MVP, responded like many Ravens’ fans who sat around Hooter’s slamming beers all day probably did (VIDEO)

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“Get off my lawn, Bitch!”

News reporter Courtney Brennan of Pittsburgh’s WPXI-TV was nearly run over by Jerry Sandusky’s wife (VIDEO)

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Madden Football curse for real

“A few things happened this year that made me believe in curses. Ain’t no doubt about it.” – Browns’ RB Peyton Hillis.

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Bama fan busted for “tea-bagging”

Bama fan busted for “tea-bagging” passed out LSU fan.

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Knicks’ Davis out with herniated dick?!

While reporting on Davis’ condition prior to a game against the Bobcats, the Charlotte Observer gave this hilarious typo take on Davis’ condition.

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