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Who says the Yankees missed the post-season?

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Alex Rodriguez began his time in front of an arbitrator to appeal his 211 game suspension by Major League Baseball.

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Jerry Sandusky guilty of 45 counts

Jerry Sandusky, guilty of 45 counts, was lead away in handcuffs and will be sentenced prior to the end of September.

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JoePa death may affect Penn State trials

When defense attorneys grill McQueary in the Penn State scandal trials, losing Paterno’s testimony to back him up could feel like a ton of bricks.

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Bonds may “serve time” in his mansion

Barry Bonds was never going to jail, despite all the media hype surrounding his trial.

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Sandusky posts bail; wearing monitor

Two additional victims’ stories have been vetted by police and prosecutors and the grand jury added Victim #9 and Victim #10 to the original presentment.

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Packers Jolly gets six-year sentence

Green Bay Packers DE Johnny Jolly, shown in his mugshot here, was sentenced to six years in prison for violation of the terms of his probation.

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Bengals’ suspension and marijuana raid

The Cincinnati Bengals are notorious for creating unflattering legal headlines and the team is at it again.

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Bonds legal fiasco coming to an end

Barry Bonds’ legal ordeal will come to a close when the former slugger is sentenced for obstruction of justice in the upcoming months.

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NBA owners and players battling in court

Several aggressive legal actions add to the nasty tone that has come out of the league office since the NBA Finals concluded.

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Clemens mistrial decision, what’s next?

Roger Clemens mistrial decision in his perjury case led to his defense team exiting the federal courthouse in Washington, D.C. victorious for the moment.

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